Monster Bricks

The classic ball game has come back to Friv games 2019 but with a new twist! Monster Bricks will challenge your consistency, persistent attitude and aiming ability! With this game, the goal is to swipe the ball to the brick. Then, you need to control the movement of the block while trying to bounce the ball back up. When the ball touches the bricks, they will disappear. Make sure that you keep bouncing the ball up until all the bricks are destroyed.


The game has an amazing theme which allows you to enjoy different backgrounds and pictures on different levels. There will be some animals, characters that move while you are playing to make it more difficult. The players need to complete destroying as many bricks as possible within the limited time. Your heart number is also limited, therefore, don't drop the ball! Will you be able to break all 150 blocks for each level before you run out of hearts?


Coins that you earn after completing the tasks will be shown on the top as well. The gameplay is so basic and classic yet you can still have fun thanks to the new updates at Remember to gather the fallen objects and bonuses to increase your scores! We invite you to play more games for free such as Docter Acorn 2 and Crazy Balls after you try out this one! 

Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen on the mobile phone and use the left mouse click on PC to control the bar.