War of Caribbean Pirates

War of Caribbean Pirates is a pirate fighting game which allows you to play on friv games online for free. This game promises to bring you the thrilling and wonderful moments. You and many other pirates are on an island and all of you are fighting for the island because all of you want to own it. Thus, you need to slay every other pirate across the islands to occupy it. Don’t hesitate to show off your fighting skills to overcome all the challenges and win the game!

You are on a beautiful island and you are coming to the land from the sea. There are many pirates on the wooden bridge and they are waiting to kill you, so you have to slay them first and then come to the land to find and kill the other pirates. Walk along the street, come in and explore the abandoned houses to find the foes. You possess a sword, use it to attack enemies in friv interesting games.

We have 2 characters for you to choose: a young man and an old man with a missing eye. Start your mission in the first map. To conquer this level, you need to kill 9 opponents. Then, you can unlock the next task. The playing time is not limited, so you aren’t under the pressure of time, be careful and attack your enemies in the suitable time. When you get hurt, your health decreases a little bit from 100 and you lose the game if your health bar runs out. Attempt to unlock all the maps to discover the beautiful land.

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Instruction to play:

Use WASD to control the movement, right click to block, left click to attack, Shift to sprint, Spacebar to jump over the obstacle, Q to roll, and C to crouch.