Elsa's Bathroom Emergency

Will you be able to help Elsa solve the tough situations in the bathroom without causing more troubles? There is some problem with Elsa's stomach and she needs you to help her lighten up her bathroom emergency without feeling so embarrassed and flustered. Just follow the instructions in this Friv free games and you will be fine!

The first crucial thing is to open the water tap at the sink and beside her place. This will create a loud noise of the running water. which will, in turn, muffle all the sound coming from the bathroom. By doing this, no one can find out what is happening inside. Now that one of the problems is solved, you can continue with the next steps. It's time that you find some activities to keep her busy while she is taking her time on the toilet.

Some of the activities include playing mobile phones, reading papers and many more. Don't forget one important task to make the bathroom stay clean! You have to spray some bathroom freshener every once in a while so as to avoid the stinky smell. After all of these are done, let's finish off with a new outfit for Elsa!

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Instruction to play:

Play with the mouse or interact by tapping on the screen.