Table Tennis Pro

It's the competition between the professional table tennis masters in Table Tennis Pro! Take part in all the matches to experience the coolest table tennis simulation game! This is a basic table tennis game with the basic rule which is the same as that in reality. Of course, in order to win a match, you need to score more than your opponent in different sets. If you can trick the others with your way of serving the ball, the ball will slip. Then, the opponent can not counter-attack.

The game makes you change service automatically after a few turns so that the other player will also get a chance to serve first. Remember to take all the factors that are necessary for a table tennis match into consideration because it's not easy to defeat the smart AI in this Friv game 2019. You need to try and successfully receive the ball by moving the bat to the position of the ball.

Can you see that little white dot on the table? That little dot will help you to choose the right position by estimating the path of the ball. Use it wisely and you will win in no time at! Three different modes: Friendly, World cup, All-Star with tons of different countries are available to ensure the best experience in this amazing sports game for kids. If you aren't confident of your own skills, don't hesitate to practice before entering a real match. For more intense matches, keep playing with Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle and Foot Shot

Instruction to play:

Drag and move the mouse to hit the ball.