City Of Vice Driving

City Of Vice Driving is an excellent driving game that is loved by many players from all over the world. Now, you have the chance to enjoy the game for free at Friv racing games as well. The location of the game will be an empty and abandoned city where no other cars will interrupt your amazing experience. The whole purpose is to allow you to freely steer your car in the empty city at dawn.


You will be able to feel the joy of speed, the freedom as you drift and swirl through the streets and roads all by yourself. The first thing you need to complete when you first entering the game is to choose your favorite type of car. This car will assist you during your journey and exploration at, so choose wisely. The game includes a variety of different roads with different sceneries and objects scattered around. While you are drifting, pay attention to avoid crashing on these objects.


If you get bored with the car, just change into another and start again! This game has no restraints on time and speed, so you can optimize the experience and enjoy for yourself! Gather some friends and compete to see who can get the best record! Come and show your extraordinary driving skills with other choices like Lambo Drifter 3 and Extreme Buggy Car Dirt Offroad as well. 

Instruction to play:

Drive the car using the arrow keys or WASD and interact using the mouse.