Color Bump 3D

Join the colorful version of the old arcade game from Friv land with Color Bump! Since it's a creative arcade game, you will learn how to move the ball with creative paths and react quickly. The game takes place in a virtual map with plenty of different obstacles of different colors like green, red, blue and many more. The players need to control the ball on the platform and guide it through the mess.


Can you see that there are areas of the same color as yours? Keep moving through those same color and do not touch areas that are different from the color of the ball. If you do so, the ball will crash and the game is over. Easy as it sounds, the number of obstacles and the speed of the ball will make the game more challenging. This is a game tests observation and reaction ability of the players among many eye-catching items. It is very easy to play, hard to master and a great choice for the playtime to waste away the time.


Also, you can enjoy the 3D graphics which allow you to experience the feeling of moving in three dimensions in You can even gather your friends and compete with each other? Will you gain the highest scores among your friends and be the winner? Come to learn how to win such arcade games with more choices like Monster Bricks and Pvp Pong Challenge

Instruction to play:

Drag the mouse to control the direction of the ball.