Death Squad: The Last Mission

Did you know that many enemies are fighting against you in Death Squad: The Last Mission online game at friv 99? Your plane, unfortunately, fell to the enemy's area. Therefore, the player's task is to fight the enemy and defeat all of them. Connect with your teammates to kill enemies without being injured. The correct shot will help you complete this game in the best way. You will need to follow the instructions in this game to get the highest score.


Let's start our challenging journey as the number of enemy troops increases. A wave of enemies is coming towards you. Move fast and watch the shot accurately. friv play now help the player to play the game at the fastest speed and complete all tasks without injury if you save yourself some basic play tips in this game. Games can be played online or offline.


Your achievements are saved and you can compare each game to get the best results or share this exciting game with your friends today. A war is going on and you will become the main character along with others who are fighting to accomplish all the hardest tasks. Do not get hurt until you can complete the task.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Arrows or WASD to move

Mouse for aim or shoot

Space to jump

Shift to run

F to grab an object

C to use health kit

G for grenade