Clash Of Cakes

Participate in the best food fight with creamy cakes flying all around in Clash Of Cakes! This new kid game from Friv online collection will bring a hilarious time for the players. As it's a game with a special mode for two players, all you need to do is bring a friend! Both players will be placed on the same platform as they all have the task of defeating the other as fast as possible by launching cakes. Throw the cakes at your opponents and jump, move at the same time to dodge the attacks from them.

Within the time limit, the player that can survive to the end of the round will be deemed the winner. At, we bring a cake inspired gameplay where you can have a laugh with friends. Also, keep in mind that you need to hit as many opponents as you can before you run out of lives. Three lives are all that you have got here, so use them wisely! After you defeat one enemy, the others will slowly appear one by one so that consistency and endurance are also crucial to win this game.

As long as you can jump and dodge the cakes, you can keep showing your amazing attack skills. Don't be overwhelmed with the fast pace of the game at first! With a few practice and trials, you can master the rules and theme right away! Try out more free games with some choices like Tower Vs Tower and Time Jump

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses W to jump, D to shoot.

Player 2 uses up arrow to jump, left arrow to shoot.