Red Ball Forever

It's time to roll back to the series filled with fun games involving the red ball in Friv kid games 2019! It's much harder to conquer the jungle when you have no arms or legs like this red ball. All you can do is to roll back and forth and bounce up to dodge the deadly obstacles. The main character in your game is the signature Red ball.

As the owner of it, you will tackle the levels one by one. The movements of the ball include bouncing, floating on the water, and rolling his way around Black Ball's infernal traps to find the end of the journey. The mission is to reach the finish line on each level while collecting stars and unlock awesome skins for the ball.

You only have three lives per level, therefore, move carefully up the hill. The best thing in this game at is that there will be an increase in other items like the boxes and obstacles randomly to make the game more interesting. You can push the boxes to make the way or blow up others. Steer clear of spikes and holes to avoid losing any life.

The best players will be able to take advantage of the gravity and the hill to create velocity for the ball to bounce up during special terrains. Check out new adventures updated daily such as Red Drop and Cg Mario New Levels

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the ball.