Go Chicken Go

Oh no! A farmer in Go Chicken Go from Friv land is losing his chickens! They have escaped the cage and are heading to the piece of land on the other side of the highway. The last obstacle between them and everlasting freedom is a mere highway, so we need someone who can work quickly to bring them back to the farm. Your job is to make sure that no chicken bypass the barrier of the highway using the available resources in this game.

Whether you use the truck to run over them or use the wood pieces to prevent them from passing the river, it's totally up to you to gather these crazy chickens. Since you might have to avoid the truck to keep the chicken alive, this is the chance to test your cold blood and truck dodging skills, as well as decision-making ability. There is a total of 25 chickens that are putting their lives in your trustworthy hands. Can you save them all?

Avoid the trucks on the highway by moving them from one lane to another. The trucks will come slowly at first, then the speed of the game will increase to make it harder. Staying focus will be the key element to winning the game at http://frivclassic.net/. After the highway obstacles, you will face the riverside where you have to jump on the right wood pieces to cross the river.

Besides the hilarious and fun storyline, the players can look forward to fun gameplay with elaborated mini-themes. Other fun games like Spell School and Square Area are also created for kids of all ages! 

Instruction to play:

Move the chicken with the arrows.