Zombie Plague

The zombies are attacking your land and you need to protect everything with your shooting skills in the Zombie Plague game at friv play now. Resist the zombie waves coming towards you with the most accurate shot. You need to fight them with multiple shots before they can kill you. Remember that you only have 20 lives in this game and you must kill all the zombies in each level of the game.


There are many different levels in this game. You need to arrange to destroy them in the most reasonable way. If you are attacked and exceed the specified number of lives, the game will end. Therefore, move the gun accurately and shoot all the zombies before they can destroy you. Collect the coins and use them to upgrade your weapons in this game. You can destroy all zombies with the strongest guns. You can shoot once for powerful guns.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Use the left mouse button to move the gun and destroy all the zombies coming towards you