Splash Snake Vs Blocks

Another new version of the classic snake game is here for you to experience. The game has different gameplay than that of the classic game, but there is nothing too difficult for the players at Friv land! You will control the long snake and help him move around the map. The map will be vast and filled with different blocks. These blocks can be broken using the exact number written on it.


You will have to operate the swift snake to start a gorgeous adventure and collect numerous blocks! Start from the small number and make your way up with the larger ones. Don't forget to pay attention to the number of pieces on your snake to decide which block to break next. For example, if your snake has 5 pieces, you can only break the blocks with the number less than 5.


Also, the players in this game at http://frivclassic.net/ need to collect energy substances scattered around the map to become more powerful as the blocks will only become harder as you progress in the game. The game uses mathematical knowledge to allow you to improve your calculating skills. Can you ensure that its length is greater than the number? Don't crash or collide into any big blocks to preserve the life of the snake. Check your high scores on the Leaderboard and keep breaking the record! Try out plenty of other puzzle games with Fussy Furries and Ice Jump

Instruction to play:

Guide the snake and change the direction using the mouse cursor.