Ambulance Car Wash

 Ambulance Car Wash is an online game or friv. Today is the first day working on the ambulance. I like to save lives.

This ambulance car needs a wash after being driven on a muddy neighborhood. It's a matter of health and urgency to have it clean right away.

I got this job because I like to save lives. Ambulances arrived at headquarters, I was given an ambulance that looked a bit dirty, so I decided to wash the laundry led to ambulances.

Scrubbing the ambulance is: First you have to give the clean water on the car to soften the dirt, then take a brush should remove dirt from the wheels, then you have to put foam on the entire machine , to rinse with water and then dry it to water and a wax polish. Thanks for helping

The game inspired by THE TORTURE GAME 2. oh. The ambulance is very dirty, you wash and polish.

Very nice game i never played at

Instruction to play:

Play the game using your fingers